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Welcome to the Frontier Thinkers blog. This site is produced by a think tank of evangelical thinkers in Latin America with a focus on healing the the twelve basic fountains of culture of the sources of contamination that is destroying our culture in all areas of life and thought. When I say think tank, right now this tank has one thinker, me, Randolph H. Sperger. But I say this by faith with hope that it will be come that.

Thoughout this year, 2012 I have given with the permission of my pastor in Costa Rica, Valmore Shaw, a series of 11 lectures called “Healing the Twelve Fountains of Culture”. The twelveth lecture will be given in 2013. It will cover the area of the Media, a corrupt and evil fountain in our days, that is ever spuing forth evil and mischief in all 12 of the areas of human culture. It is significant that the 12th lecture will be given in 2013 because 13 is the biblical number of apostacy, disloyalty, corruption, rebellion, revolution, enemistad and adversary. But is it also the number of atonement and substitution. For the reference to this understanding go to E.W. Bullinger´s book: Number in Scripture:Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance. It can be found easily on the internet.

There are not only twelve fountains of culture there are also twelve pillars, twelve foundations and twelve gates. The final city of God, the one that Abraham sought, will have twelve gates (Rev. 21:12,21) These gate represent different aspects of Biblical or godly governement. Twelve in scripture means the perfection of government or governmental perfection.  As I was seeking the Lord for His sense of direction for 2013 I sensed that though 13 is a terrible number, and terrible things are coming over the earth, there is hope in that God, before He closes the door always offer an additional door, you might say a 13th gate or door. A door of hope and of relief for the burden of guilt, sin and contamination. It is opened as a way to bring people back into His city and under His 12 foundations of godly society.

So 2013 offers to those who will here “Him who rebuketh in the gate” and turn from their wicked ways and come to the true fountain all cleasing, healing, life and knowledge, they will find relief and be able to rebuild the ruins that secular humanism has left us. Alesandr Solzhnitsyn wrote a  a small book of essays in the early ’70′s entitled, From Under the Rubble. The “Rubble” of his title represented the rubble of Christian civilization that had been overwhelmed ultimately by various forces of modernity. His experience was of the crude realities of the Soviet System (where he spent some years within the Gulag system and where he spent his “freedom” under constant surveillance). But the “rubble” extends beyond the boundaries of Solzhenitsyn’s cultural and historical experience.

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